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french teacher for english

Who is Claire

Claire CAMPBELL grew up in Great Britain and has now settled in the Corbières. She currently lives in Cucugnan, in the Aude department of southern France.

Her experience


After graduating from the University of Oxford, she  attended a teacher training course in England. She taught French in state schools and in adult evening classes, and also English as a foreign language to adults.

She  enjoyed an unusual linguistic experience over 7 years of travelling in a boat from France to Italy and from Italy to Greece. It served to remind her how it feels to be a beginner in a language

Learn French or English while on a language study holiday in the South of France




Do you need to learn quickly ?

Are you preparing for an exam or a trip abroad ?

Do you think you are hopeless at languages ?

In all of the above cases, private lessons may be right for you.  A language study holiday allows you to devote uninterrupted time to learning, assisted by an experienced and native English teacher, who can converse and explain things in French or in English. This can radically improve your grasp of the spoken language and/or its literature.

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