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English / French courses

Lessons take place from Monday to Friday:
  • Standard Course: Morning lessons from 09:00 to 12:00; Coffee will be served around 11:00. The afternoon is then free.

  • Intensive course : Morning lessons from 09:00 to 12:00; Coffee will be served around 11:00.  In the afternoon, there will be an additional two-hour session.

individual French and English lessons

By registering for private lessons in French or English, you can benefit from learning at your own pace. The programme is tailored to help you achieve your specific and personal objectives. Rest assured that explanations will be in your native language,  especially if you are a complete beginner.

You can also choose to register for group lessons by enrolling with friends at the same level as yourself. It is cheaper for everyone and can be more fun

This could be your chance to make a breakthrough.

Claire Campbell will help you to learn French or English in your own best time, whether you wish to prepare for an exam, take a trip to England or France,or simply get on better with your new neighbours.

Learn French remotely via skype

New ! Lessons via Skype

For those voho wish to learn in the confort of their own home, (and avoiding problems of Covid), Skype is ideal .

Contact me to arrange suitable times

lesson skype

For the duration of your course, you will be accommodated in your own  flat, free from all your everyday cares at home !. It's good for concentration.

Outside the learning hours, you will find plenty of things to do: Discover the Cathar castles, take a swim in the river or sea… The village also boasts excellent restaurants and first-class local  wines. Equally possible, you can study,  read or watch movies/documentaries to immerse yourself further in French or English language and culture.

Learn French on holidays
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